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General Civil Laws
In this document, it means to any of civil and commercial laws apart from the law specifically mentioned further i.e. the law governing sale, family, succession, hire purchase, insurance, tort, loan, bills, mortgage, suretyship, partnerships and companies, etc. However, as the result of copious complication of activities or business transactions in the modern society, any legal of cases involves many branches of laws other than the previous time. Since, all of our lawyers, have been cultivated to use appropriate methodology of legal research covering search and analysis on relevant laws, rulings, regulations, guide of practice, legal opinion, etc. in proceeding any case delegated to them.
General Criminal Law
Covers the Criminal Code and specific laws prescribing punitive measures. Our lawyers have a long experience in dealing with the criminal cases at all stages whether inquiry, prosecution or trial in the First court of Instance and the higher courts. On dealing with the case, as being the kind of area where its procedure and result may affect the individual right or liberty, the office thereby always pay high watchfulness in proceeding the case.
Labour Laws
Similar to other countries Thai labour laws, whether in area of labour protection or labour relation, have very much, difference from general laws whether in term of principle or philosophy, special procedure of solution of labour dispute or trial procedure. Therefore, a lawyer, who involves in labour case, should have overview experience and thorough understanding in the laws and procedures of labour disputes settlement. In this area, the office has had wide experience in counseling and Court proceeding to both employers and employees.
Construction laws
Some difficulty for lawyers involving a construction case is a lack of technical knowledge of engineering, architecture including construction administration, especially in a medium and a big project. The office has a number of contractor clients being serviced under the retainer agreement other than has a long experience in proceeding the construction case whether through the courts or arbitration institute.

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