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Banking finance and securities laws
The laws in this regard concern financial and capital market in the country or in abroad, offshore or onshore loan, capital mobilization whether by issuance of varied financial instruments, securities trading through private or supervision of state agencies such as the Bank of Thailand (BOT), the Office of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).
In addition to fundamental laws, each transaction also involves with many subordinate laws, regulations or rulings which need high circumspection and correctness of practitioner or persons involved. The office’s services in these aspects includes counseling on varied activities, making contract, solving any payment problem, making a statement or representing client to clear up the charge to a state agency controlling or superintending in relation to client’s legal problem arising from practice whether on the stage of pre-trial or on trial of the court.
Intellectual Property laws
Nowadays, the protection of intellectual property rights whether Copyright, Patent or Trademark becomes greater role in Thailand. The office services clients in following forms;
(1) representing as agent in registration or official information to seek the right or enter into the protection system, as the case may be, proceeding renewal, inspectation on the registration record, including filing an appeal against the administrative act to the relevant official, superintendent or commission empowered.
2) monitoring the infringement and proceeding in the Central Intellectual Property and Trade Court
3) general counseling in this regard such as providing a Licensing Agreement, etc.
Administrative laws
This branch of public laws has been continuously developed and also has had significant role in Thailand as the law related to the exercise of state power of administrative official and the protecting individual’s right from abuse of power. The above-mentioned can be verified by the enactment of new administrative laws in the second half of the last decade such as the Administrative Procedure Act B.E. 2539 (1996), the Act on an Establishment of Administrative Courts and Administrative Courts Procedure B.E.2542 (1999), the Official Information Act B.E. 2540 (1997), the Official Liability on Wrongful Act B.E.2539 (1996), any laws promulgated to recover economic crisis, etc. Notably, the administrative laws have obviously differenee in legal methodology from other branch of laws in which any person concerned should be aware.
The office services clients in this regard as follows:
1) General administrative laws
(1) Making a complaint or appeal challenging administrative act to the issuing official, superintendent or committee/ commission empowered.
(2) Providing administrative contract, i.e. concession contract.
(3) Entering an action in the administrative court.
(4) General counseling in respect of the matter.
2) Expropriation Law
(1) Making an appeal against an administrative order-fixing amount of compensation to the Minister concerned.
(2) Entering an action challenging the Minister’s decision on the appeal according to (1) in the Administrative Court.
(3) General counseling in respect of the matter.

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