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Tax laws
The office services client in this area, where always has dynamic nature following economic situation and government policy, as following; (1) tax planing and other counseling (2) making an appeal against the official’s evaluation on amount of tax to the Governor or the committee, as the case may be, (3) proceeding the court case in the Central Tax Court and in the Supreme Court. In this respect, the area of these service covers; (1) the taxes imposed according to the Revenue Code (Personal Income Tax, Corporate Income Tax, International Tax, whether there is the double tax treaty or not), VAT, Special Business Tax and Stamp-duty (2) the tax imposed according other laws, i.e. Custom Tax, Excise Tax, Land and Property Tax and other local taxes.
The law relating to investment promotion
The office have provided counseling and filing the application for eligibility under the Office of the Board of Investment (BOI) and abiding by the criteria and conditions of BOI to seek or maintain the Promotion.
Alien business law and others
The service in this regard is composed of;
(1) Application for alien’s carrying on business where includes; applying for eligibility under the Treaty of Amity and Economic Relations between Thailand and USA, establishment of representative office, regional office of transnational corporation, subsidiary company, branch office, joint venture, commercial agency, distributor, etc.
2) Immigration and work permit.
Corporate registrations and other counseling
(1) Setting up company, partnerships or other forms of business entities. After these registration for founding process, any registrations upon the changes of the entities for example increase of director, amendment of capital, regulations, etc. also are of the office’s scope of practice.
2) Any forms of tax registrations
3) Any form of registrations of right or juristic act on land, mortgage, machinery or others with the land office or other competent authorities.
4) Any form of registrations according to provision of specific laws for example establishment or change of a foundation, association, etc.
5) Participation in the process of contract negotiation, drafting or reviewing contract, legal analysis, legal opinion, legal translation, testament, etc.
6) Counseling and providing legal opinion, filing an application for concession contract, application for factory establishment, dealing with public authorities according client’s purpose.
7) Counseling and providing legal opinion in regard to real estate and property development including being an assignee entering into the registrations involved such as for mortgage, sale, lease, measurement of land, etc.
8) Counseling and providing legal opinion in regard to dissolution, amalgamation, merger, acquisition, take over, reorganization and restructuring any of obligation, where related to the laws regarding fair trade competition, the tender of corporation, bankruptcy, rehabilitation, etc.
9) Counseling including following, demanding, investigation, searching and seizure of properties of debtor.
10) Research or search on laws, regulations, rulings, the cabinet resolutions, according to client requirement.

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